Thursday, March 10, 2016

Birthday Garden

I wanted to post this last night but I was exhausted & fell asleep on the couch at 6:30!

We had a busy, fun-filled day! My amazing husband surprised me the night before my birthday by fixing my raised bed (the movers broke it), filling it & anchoring our mailbox to it (we don't need it at this house)to hold my gloves & gardening tools!! When I opened the mailbox there was a gift card to Home Depot inside - he thought of everything! I was so excited I jumped up & down, threw my arms in the air & yelled "happy birthday to me!!" :D
You can just see Jules' head peeking over :) She couldn't figure out what Mommy was doing!

So yesterday my little piranha-in-the-making (Little Fishy + teeth!) & I went to Home Depot. I told him to let Mama know if he saw something he wanted to plant & got some looks from other shoppers. I talk to Fishy all the time! Stay silent until he can talk back? No way! That's weird. I like to let him pick things out (which diaper he wants to wear, which story he wants to read, etc) & yesterday wasn't different! Between herbs & greens Little Fishy chose herbs & between peas & squash he chose squash - twice! It's exciting to think that by the time we harvest the squash he will be able to eat it :)

On the way home we talked about the exciting opportunity we have to grow fresh food for our family & how he will get to help Mama plant it (well, watching from his stroller this year!), care for it & cook it! When Daddy comments on how delicious dinner is, Fishy can say he helped - and eventually that he grew it all by himself!

I am so stoked to have my garden started & thrilled that my son will learn to love fresh produce that he helped with from the beginning! Little Fishy makes everything even more fun :)


  1. What a cute garden bed you have! That was a wonderful birthday surprise from your husband, and the little mailbox with the giftcard is such a cute idea. And I totally agree with you about talking to the baby. That's how they learn!

  2. That's such a sweet gift!
    I'm also excited to introduce my daughter to gardening. We are finally in a home where we have a large enough yard for big garden beds! I'll be moving my plants from their starter pots to the beds soon!