Friday, March 4, 2016

Teething Troubles (and Day 2 of the Garden Challenge)

Today my happy, chillaxed baby was transformed into a little grumpasaurus rex due to the T word. Yup, Little Fishy is teething & today has been rough, poor little dude :( I have tried a teether which he thought tasted bad, my finger which he gently removed from his mouth & set in my lap (I thought it was so cute the way he did it!), a cold, wet washcloth that he enjoyed chewing until a bit of water dripped down his throat & he choked - we were both done after that & finally an ice cube wrapped in a dishcloth for him to gnaw on while Mama held it. He wasn't interested in anything going in his mouth today, except his fingers, but he loved the cool dishcloth against his face. In fact, that's how he was able to fall asleep so quickly this last snoozie (I watch him fall asleep & remove the lovey once he's out!).

Once he was down for his morning snooze, I made a mug of hot water with honey & lemon for a cozy comfort drink! Chocolate milk was my go-to comfort drink during a crazy growth spurt & sleep regression in January & February (actually chocolate everything. And potato chips), but for the sake of my growing thighs & tushie I switched back to honey lemon water ;)

I saved a few of the seeds from my lemon & sandwiched them between damp paper towels in a baggie so they can sprout! I don't have the foggiest clue where I'll put a lemon tree, but it will be fun to see what happens! This is my Day 2 plant for the gardening contest!

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