Saturday, June 11, 2016

An Adventure A Day

My mom sent me this pic a few months ago & it is so us! We'd always roll out of bed & head out on an adventure on her days off. It could have been something as big as the beach or snow, or as small as breakfast at our favorite diner. Hikes, gem & nail shows, Disneyland, swap meets - the list goes on & on. Mom & I always just have so much fun together!

I made the meme the background on my phone & decided I wanted to have an adventure every day with my son & create a wealth of amazing memories like my mom & I share! We have had sooo much fun the last several weeks! We visited the Coast Guard station, had the most delicious bibimbap (ok, well Mommy did, but Fishy was there 😉), weekly trips to Grandma's, Target runs, adventures in the kitchen - big & small, we love them all!

I decided it would be fun to keep a record here of our daily adventures to look back on when my little guy isn't so little 😊 So, here we go!

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